Saturday, September 8, 2007

two blogs one at a time

I've got two blogs. The oldest and the one that I'm most likely to post on is hosted by myspace. I get excited about writing for my old myspace blog because I know that people read it. I wanted to seek out a more traditional blog venue. So here I am blogging at blogspot. I'm very curious to see if I can maintain two seperate blogs or if eventually I leave a post on one or the other saying " check out my real blog at _______".
Today has been a good day because I've been quiet for most of the day. I'm trying to rest my voice and I find that effort more challenging that most people becuase I have more words to say than the average human. Maybe blogging will use up my words and I won't find it quite so necessary to talk.
My computer is working again and that makes me very very very very happy. I have been sad in the evenings when I come home to a house in which I can't even check email.
One of these days I'm going to print out all of my blogs and call it a book.

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j.elliot said...

one starving musician came by quickly to say: The great part is that you can have as many as you have time to write.