Sunday, January 29, 2012

Good morning song!

I bet there are songs that you just know that you have no earthly idea where they came from.

Well, in my previous  post about getting up in the morning, I wrote about a song that my daddy used to sing to me when he was waking me up in the morning.  I don't know where he learned it or who wrote it, but I bet he might know.  Maybe since he follows my blog he can tell us more about the song.

In any case, my good friend and fellow music teacher, Gina Dixon wanted to know how the song went.  I was glad she asked because I had thought about including it in my original post, but felt that it was too much information?


 I went over to a website called noteflight which is a cloud based music notation program, typed in the song and viola! The song goes like this! If you've heard it before or if you can share with us who wrote it, please do so!  I love to give proper credit for great work!

Noteflight isn't QUITE as easy to use as FINALE, but it is infinitely more share-able.

FLAWS - I told noteflight  that I wanted the song in 6/8 so it gave me 6 beats to a measure, but I couldn't figure out how to get the 4/4 to VISIBLY change to 6/8.....weird!   I also couldn't figure out how to get the song to simply start at the pick-up note.  I was asked if I wanted a pick-up note and when I checked "yes" I thought that the site should behave as FINALE does and just start on the pick-up...... Noteflight may have the ability to start on the anacrusis , AND it may have the ability to change the visual meter of a song, but if so, it is not simple.... and I'm all about simple.

Without a membership fee you can create and store about 25 scores....Great for when you need to share a quick musical idea, but not so great if accuracy and clarity are the goal.  Nevertheless,   I hope you enjoy this song  as much as I have!

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