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Blog Rerun # 18 Freckle Boy 8.15.06

Alberto (name changed) was in my music class from the very first day of school last year. He knew all about how to be in school because he has two older sisters, so from the moment he arrived in kindergarten he was like a sponge. Alberto is all boy, a little immature, but very smart, with short spikey hair and big crooked teeth who loves everything at school.
Kindergarten at Wal-mart
One day in October, Alberto and his family ran into me at Wal-mart. I see kids that I teach everywhere I go, almost every day. I think what made this particular contact special was that Alberto was STUNNED. He really and truly could not get over the fact that I actually have to go to the store.
Mr. Music
When Alberto saw me at Wal-mart he kept asking me about my co-teacher "Mr. Music" (name changed).
Alberto kept asking me "Mr. Music here?"
I'd say, " No Mr. Music is at his house?"
When I said this, I got this blank stare from Alberto that clearly said, "but you're here!!"
The next day...
Alberto runs into music, plopps his bottom on the floor and promptly exclaims to Mr. Music, " Mr. Mus, I saw Ms. BoMus".
For those of you who know my name, just know that the real blend of "Mr. Music's" name and mine was truly hysterical.
Anyway, it stuck, I have friends who actually call me by the blended name because my co-teacher and I are together so much it seems like our names should just blend.
Hug monster
I believe that beginning that day, Alberto began to watch me. He began to give me hugs each time he came to class, and when he left. One day, I jokingly called him a "hug monster". From that day on he added a growl. Only in kindergarten.
One day when we were playing a circle game, Alberto happened to be holding my hand. After we had been playing for a while I looked down to see why Alberto was having so much trouble keeping up. He couldn't keep up because he was staring intently at my arm. He looked up and asked, "¿maetstra, que es? He was pointing at all of my freckles. Soon the entire class was involved in the investigation of my arm. (it doesn't take much to distract or interest a group of 5 year olds)
This question is not an uncommon question at my school filled with beautifully flawless brown and tan skin. No one on my campus has freckles on their arms that in any way compare to mine. I quickly answered the group by talking about the sun and saying that some people get darker and some people get freckles.
two months later...
Alberto comes over to me and asks my "Why God kiss you?". I wish I had said something profound but I didn't
As was the usual pattern, about a month later when Alberto and I were holding hands, He peered down at my speckled egg arms and asked me, "Ms. Bonnie, Do those make you happy?"
I said, "of course they do!, Alberto does your hair make you happy?"
last night...
Last night we had the "Meet the teacher night" I walked and as soon as I did, Alberto ran over to me and said "Ms. Bonnie, it's so good to see you!" I couldn't help but be amazed at how grown up he was. Alberto had grown at least half a head, and he was speaking so clearly. The little boy who was so confused when he saw me without my "other half", who wanted to be a "hug monster", and who was truly intrigued by something only God can do has grown up. Please Lord, let him not ever fail to seek you. Please Lord, bless this new school year and help me to be the person that you want me to be in the classroom. Help me to always be ready with an answer, even in Kindergarten.

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