Sunday, June 7, 2009

An explaination

I really enjoy blogging, but for a long time I did all of my blogging on myspace.....

Well, other than my blog, there isn't much holding me to myspace, so I'm trying to slowly but surely tranfer all of my previous blogs to my blogspot account.

It may take me a while, but when I'm finished, I can archive them all and then all of my caveats will be in one location and I won't feel so scattered.

So, if you see that I've posted a blog and it is labled as a rerun, that means that it is old, and potentially increadably dated, so even if they are entertaining, they will certainly be old news.

I feel like transfering an old blog is one of many summer projects that sound like good ideas at the time until you sit down to accomplish them and find that it is just plain tedious...... I only have so much attentionality available for tedium, so I'll just work on it when it strikes my fancy and call it happy.

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