Saturday, March 19, 2011

30 day picture challenge - Day 2

Someone you've been close to all your life - OK - so this is tough because I've been close to lots of people... but very few have been all of my life.  I have friends from when I was young, when I lived in McCamey, Katy and then in college - and although I've stayed loosely connected with most of them throughout the years - I think this post is asking sibling status - which sounds easy since I've only got my wonderful Matthew for a brother, but I also have a friend who is my "adopted sister" so I think I'll post both.  

Matthew hates getting his picture made, so half the fun of taking pictures is sneaking up on him and grabbing a picture when he isn't looking!
Here we are - going to Christmas at grandma's

I think I've been best friends with Pam for longer than anyone else because I've been friends with her for 17 years - since I'm almost 35 that is about as close to 1/2 my life as I can get.  This is a picture of the 2 of us at her rehearsal dinner a few years ago. 

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