Monday, March 28, 2011

30 day picture challenge - Day 5

Picture of my favorite memory

This was tough.  Because there are so many great to choose from....  I think I'll include pictures from a few of my favorite memories.

Honorable mention goes to our September trip to Abilene State Park where we were joined by my mom's parents and brothers.  Based on the fact that I'm wearing that yellow shirt, I believe that I was in the 5th grade.  Maw (my great-grandmother) was there with us and we had a perfectly lovely time.

Any time we got to go to my grandmother Wilkinson we had a good time with the cousins making each other laugh and playing in the "kids room" the sun room and the back yard. My T-shirt says "You are Here!"  I got it at McDonald observatory which was a frequent spot that we visited when while on vacation in Ft. Davis.   In 1986 I even got to see Haley's Comet with my girl scout troupe 101.  We just about froze to death on top of the mountain and then scalded our tongues on the hot chocolate that my dad, Matthew and Bernie made for us.  Matthew and Bernie went on all of our girl scout treks with us since our always went along.

Prude Ranch was the Best vacation EVER!  By the time that we took this vacation, both Matthew and I were very busy and like most folks we were way too connected to technology such as it was in 1988.  We spent an entire week at Prude Ranch, which was hosting a summer camp that we weren't attending.  As a result, we had the pool all to ourselves, we got more time to ride the horses and we got to take advantage of the fact that "campers" rode the horses into Ft. Davis for the 4th of July parade. My dad and I rode the horses into town and then took the camp bus back in.  It was GREAT!  When we weren't riding horses and swimming, we were reading and just spending time together.  Loved it!

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