Saturday, July 6, 2013

5 Random Thoughts on a Saturday

I'm feeling a little bit scattered and none of the topics that I feel like writing about are turning into a full blog post, so I think it's time to start a new blog tradition for Caveats of a Cluttered Mind by sharing 5 Random Thoughts that I've had today.

1.  I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED The newest version of Much Ado About Nothing that was so wonderfully re-imagined by Joss Whedon!  It was so totally different from other versions I have seen, but I have to admit it was made even more wonderful by the being filmed in black and white and seeing it at the very old River Oaks Theater.  I'm not sure I would have bought into the modern premise quite as completely without the black and white photography because it set it just slightly apart from the every day. It's been out for a little while and I think it's only playing until tomorrow here in Houston, but if you get a chance, GO SEE IT!!!! 
2. I'm hoping that I can spend less time blogging next week and more time writing music because so far, I have done so much of everything else that I have had ZERO time to write music.  We shall see.  This may mean that I miss a blog post or two, but if I find myself so inspired I can always catch up later. 

3.  Did you know that this month is Anit-Boredom month?  Yep. I can't believe it either.  When I was a kid and I used to tell my parents that I was bored, they would congratulate me by saying, Good for you!  If you are bored, paint a Picasso pumpkin.....or something! 

4.  Friends are blessings.  As I got to have a conversation via text with my sister friend from Austin today AND I got to visit with a few of my best friends after the movie today I was reminded of how beautifully the Lord weaves our lives together.  How blessed I have been to be able to call such amazing people friends!     Proverbs17:16 says, "A friend loves at all time and a brother is born for a time of adversity."  Oh and we have walked through our share of good times and adverse times together!  Thank you Lord for my sweet friends!

5. Now that it is night time and I'm a night owl I think I'll post this and then  I have this afghan that I started a few years ago that I mean to finish this week.  I think that crochet and Harry Potter audio books sounds like the perfect summer time indulgence!  Yep!  That's how I roll. Crochet and an audio book are my idea of a great time on a Saturday night!


grammargirl93 said...

Back at ya, Bonnie. I'm thankful for you, too! (And for Joss Whedon :-)

grammargirl93 said...

Hey, Nonny-nonny
I'm thankful for Bonnie.
Bahahahaha! OK, I'm going to bed now too!

Terrye Toombs said...

I have weeks like that where I'm so scattered I don't know which way is up! You managed to make a very non-scattered post out of it tho. :)

Jade Scarlett said...

Love this idea Bonnie! I was having the same problem all day, couldn't for the life of me come up with something to write about. I'll take up on this idea next time I can't think of what to write :)

Bhavya said...

Lovely way to spend a saturday :) And an anti boredom day? Thats news :D

Morgan Eckstein said...

The blogging from the UBC has chewed up a lot of my writing time also (in my case, I write fiction). But it still counts as accomplishing something. ;)

Cheryl McDaniel said...

Love your idea for collecting your thoughts. Interesting.

Katrina said...

Hmm maybe I could knit an afghan....I've got lots of wool....thinking time!!