Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Slugs Guide to a Clean Closet -Part 2 BE CREATIVE - putting your closet stash of goodies to good use!

One problem with my closet is that it is home to all of the incomplete inspiration that plagues me when I have free time.  I am the queen of getting ALL of the supplies for a given project and then I just get too busy to finish them.  So this last two weeks I have spent a considerable amount of time crocheting, and painting and then I've also spent some time getting my T-shirts ready for a new T-shirt quilt!
 2nd tip for having a clean closet is to be creative! 
Use up anything and everything that might be in your way.   You can donate, repurpose, gift or sell anything that you create..... but here is the catch.... You can only use your closet stash of goodies! 
- SEE I told you would enjoy it. 
These are the T-shirts I found taking up space in my closet that
 I don't wear anymore!
They are taking up room in my closet because of their
 sentimental value.
 Admittidly  process of making something out of junk  may cause you to have things a little cluttered while you create but in the end, you will have more room in your closet. 
Here is what a pile of T-shirts look like after you've cut
 them into quilt squares.  Sometimes you can even create squares
out of the lapels.

This is a T-shirt quilt I made my freshman year of college.
 It easily fits my queen size bed!
I'm super excited to make a new T-shirt quilt because I use the one I made right after high school ALL the time!  I love it because it washes well, I can keep it in my car for picnics, or I can use it as a temporary bedspread when my nice one is at the cleaners. 

My brother got one for his graduation and like me, he uses his all the time!
We made a T-shirt quilt for my brother Matthew back in 1997
when he graduated high school. This is my mom and me looking
MUCH younger!

My grandmother Jennye Ready helped. 
I wore my glasses that day never dreaming
these pictures would see the light of day.


Here is my mom and my granddad Mike Ready. 
Tacking (tying) my brothers quilt was a family event. 

I want to make a T-shirt quilt today!!!  What now???
1. Gather your T-shirts
2. Decide on a size for your squares - measure measure measure!
3. Cut your squares
4. (Iron on fusable web) - makes it much easier!
5. piece your squares together in the pattern of your choice
6. Add batting if desired
7. tack your quilt to the back
8. bind the edges of the quilt

I am always looking for great DIYs and information about T-shirt quilts. There are some AMAZING instructions out there, all more clear and consise than mine.   Please visit my Pinterest board where you can find directions to make your own AND links to services who will make the quilts for you!
Here is a link with DIY instructions for the AMAZING traditional quilt frame that my family uses when we tack a quilt. 
 Are you CRAZY?!!!  This is sooo not for me! 
Maybe the idea of making your OWN T-shirt quilt is enough to stop you in your tracks.  Maybe you'd rather do anything else.    Don't worry!   
Remember that PILE of T-shirts?  Well, now you can send your T-shirts off and it comes back as a quilt! 
If you want someone to do the work for you, then I suggest Lauren at AlmostCasual.   
Lauren from  almostcasual has great designs and layouts for T-shirt quilts and her work is beautiful!  Having made some of these quilts, I can tell you that her work is also VERY reasonably priced. 
Even if you aren't the sentimental type who wants to keep your old ratty t-shirts now that they've been repurposed into a quilt.....
Your t-shirt quilt would still make an excellent donation to a homeless shelter. 
Maybe you have enough t-shirts from your school to make an entire quilt.  Wouldn't that be an appreciated raffle item?  - I think so!  
Enjoy your creativity as you take one more baby step toward a clean closet.


StephCalahan said...

T-shirt quilts are a really fun way to preserve memories. I have a friend that creates the quilts for every major phase in her life. They are super snugly too. Maybe that will be the next sewing project for my son and mom. Thanks for reminding me.

Evelyn Kalinosky said...

I know only too well about buying everything I need for a creative project only to have it languish in some dark, overstuffed closet (and sometimes drawers!)! I'm learning to love my creative side again and am slowly bringing some of that "stuff" out of the closet so it sees the light of day. Some of it will be donated or tossed and the rest will hopefully turn into something wonderful. P.S. Love your t-shirt quilt idea!

Lianda Ludwig said...

I love that idea of using t shirts. I used to have shirts from all the national parks I visited- but I never thought to save them for a project like this.... too bad.


Life With Lorelai said...

I love your header saying! What an awesome idea...a T-shirt quilt. I bet it would have lots of fun memories too. :)

Just stopping by from UBC...

Life With Lorelai