Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thankful Thursdays - 5 ordinary things that I'm grateful for!

Yesterday I posted about my efforts to change my thoughts. 

So, today I am sharing 5 simple things that I am thankful for today!

1. I CAN SEE! I have a new batch of disposable contacts AND permission to wear them.  My eyes got sick in May and so I've been forced to wear glasses for weeks and only got to wear my contacts for extra special occasions the last couple of weeks of June.  So excited!
2. School Mess is almost managed!  -
Although I'm not finished yet, I have completely emptied 1 crate and 1 small box of PAPERS! So I'm celebrating the progress!!!! 
3.  I am on the last row of "rust" on the afghan that I am crocheting that I am determined to finish!
4. Today, because of all the extra writing I've been doing   I get to spend my afternoon and evening writing music, which is the hobby that I enjoy the most, but hardly ever get as much time to pursue as I would like.  YIPPEE

5. I have written 11 DAILY blog posts for this blog and 11 DAILY blog posts for!


grammargirl93 said...

Good job! You're inspiring me. I've started making myself tidy at least one thing each time I go into a room of my house. It's slowly but surely making a difference!

Barb Sibbing said...

Thanks for such an awesome post about what you are grateful for! I know changing your mindset can be hard! Good for you and keep up the great work!!!

tikvah73 said...

This is Mary, I'm on my sister's computer but wanted to be sure to comment. :) I loved your post! Great reminder to be thankful. :)