Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Video Wednesday! - Strange, creative and super cool

This video totally fascinates me!  I found this group called Pentatonix on youtube.  I enjoy acapella singing and this group is good! 

This bizarro and creative video takes their talent to a whole new level. 

I am fascinated by the creative use of songs to retell this well known story.  I am intrigued and impressed by the different ways that they "mash" the songs together to tell the story.  VERY creative and getting to see this today, made me want to share it with you! I hope that you enjoy!


grammargirl93 said...

Love, love, love Pentatonix. Michelle and I fell in love with them on The Sing-off. They are ridiculously creative and talented. Thanks for this video!

Ivy B said...

Wow, thanks for exposing me to something new. It's very interesting!

Colleen Wietmarschen said...

I love this; I love music. "Music makes us human." My favorite quote and I don't know who said it but thanks for sharing. Made me smile today!