Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A boy named Jason, and a man named Bob

Many of you know that I get to be an honorary aunt to the son of my best friend.  His name is Jason, he will turn 3 years old at the end of this month and he is brilliant.  Now that he is almost 3 he is so much fun to talk to.  One of his favorite things to talk about are his friends and his family.  I've never met someone so young who had such an intense interest in the people in his world.  Jason loves people! 

Even though my family is not really related to Jason, we've all met him and a couple of years ago when he was almost one he and his family came to my house and stayed for a few days.  While they were here my parents came over and my parents (Bob and Clara) gave Jason his very first basketball.  So even though I'm sure that Jason doesn't remember them, he has met both of my parents and I'm sure that at some point they will see him again.

While I was visiting my best friend last week, my favorite conversation with Jason was centered around my iphone which Jason was certain had Angry Birds on it.  I was sad to disappoint him, but in an attempt to divert him I asked him if he wanted to see a picture of my mom and dad.  Jason being the people loving child that he is said yes.  So there we were sitting on the couch together looking at my phone.  I first showed him a picture of my mom.  I said, "This is my mom"
Jason said, "What's her name?"
I said, "Aunt Clara." 
Jason politely listened but was still more interested in games than in the conversation and since persistence is Jason's middle name, it was at this point that he actually found some games and started trying to play them which was a habit I was not willing to start if I could avoid it......... so I quickly found a picture of my dad and said, "This is my dad"
Jason said, "What's his name?"
I said, "Bob"
Jason said, "SpongeBob?"
I said "No"
Jason said, "Bob the Tomato?"
I said, "No.... TexasBob."

Since Jason didn't have a respond to that I'm guessing he has never seen the cartoon "King of the Hill" .........Well..... He would have called my dad Hank rather than Bob, but Hank from King of the Hill looks so much more like my sweet dad than either Sponge Bob or Bob the Tomato :)

As it turns out my dad is the author and webmaster for a great website called where he shares his enthusiasm for all things Texas as well as his enjoyment of Texas High School Football.  It's a great site with innumerable resources for anyone who wants to learn something useful or obscure about Texas. 

In honor of my amazing dad and my sweet nephew Jason here are some video clips I hope you'll enjoy.
(SpongeBob is BIZARO - not a fan!)

(These came out when I was in college, so I've always had an infinity for Bob the Tomato).

(His name may be Hank Hill but in my mind, He'll always be Texasbob!)

AND finally the REAL Texasbob!


Apala Sengupta said...

this such an adorable post! loved jason n bob! my greetings to both :)

Peta @ Great Googa Moogas said...

Jason sounds like a real cutie and is bound to keep you all on your toes as he gets older.
I love that your dad has a passion that he can share with the world and I look forward to checking out some of his Texas trivia.

Kim H. said...

He sounds like a cute kid, and he's lucky to have you as an 'aunt'.