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Blog Reruns Episode 1 - Sewing like my life depended on it

February 20, 2006 – Monday

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Often at my job, I am given tasks that are above and beyond my official job description that fall under the category of "duties as assigned". I like my job and I work hard mostly because I want people to think well of me. ( I'm being honest). However, since I also LOVE to procrastinate I rarely volunteer for things that I don't want to do.
So of course - since I'm not busy enough - I decided to have my 5th grade students perform a HUGE musical revue of American History from pre-colonial times through the Civil War. I made this decision all on my own. I convinced my co-teacher, my principal, and the 5th grade team that this would be a great idea. About 3 days after I began work on the costumes in January it occurred to me that 105 historical costumes were not going to make themselves or stand to be harvested off of a costume tree.
So now I sew. I sew all the time..... I've been sewing since January and I won't stop until April. I have help.... I have great help!! But when you insane enough to take on a HUGE project, there is not enough help to make the job anything less than daunting.
Did I mention that I don't know how to sew????? I made my first outfit about 4 weeks ago and now I have finished 26. I figured out that at this moment I have 34 totally finished, and if I count the costumes that I have passed out for other people to sew I have 63 that should be finished by March 6th . So I have to come up with another 40 by the end of spring break. Maybe I can do it without completely turning gray.

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