Monday, October 13, 2008

Blog Reruns Episode 15 - Good kind of sleepy

April 16, 2006 - Sunday

Current mood: hopeful

You know those Sundays where at the end of the day you are actually peacefully ready for Monday to start??? Everything is finished, you've worshiped, you've rested, you've fellowshipped, you've served, and now it's time for your week to begin again. Well that is the kind of evening that I am having. I'm really sleepy - but not the exhausted, crazy, sleepy that I become when I'm stressed. No - this sleepy is at good old 10:30 simply drop off and wake up refreshed ready for a new week with no mistakes in it sleepy. When I'm this sort of sleepy, I'm hyper-optimistic about what I will be able to accomplish in the days to come and completely satisfied with the weekend that I've just had.
People in my family who read this blog (they are the only ones that do) may find this sort of funny but truly, despite all of the drama and trauma of the weekend of family coming in - I really had a great weekend. I got to sleep late, eat with friends, sing, go to church, get seriously convicted by the Holy Spirit about how I should be living, serve my family when they needed me, help celebrate my brother's birthday, and do laundry. All of that in 3 short days
I'm sure that later this week I write some blog about how this or that did not go exactly the way that I had hoped, but right now I'm happy just living in the anticipation of the coming week

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