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Blog Reruns Episode 13 - The best thing

April 3, 2006 - Monday
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The young lady who was chosen to play Sojourner Truth in our musical last week absolutely stole the show. She had several speaking parts including the an excerpt from a famous speech made by Sojourner Truth in the mid 1850s at a Woman's suffrage rally. First of all, I don't think anyone who attended the play had any idea that the fight for woman's suffrage began at least 70 years before a woman's right to vote was actually guaranteed by an amendment to the Constitution in 1918. Secondly, the speech given by Sojourner Truth spoke not only to the rights of women but that of African American's as well. The best part was the this young lady REALLY got it! I mean, she sold it. We believed that she was Sojourner Truth declaring "That man over there says that women are weak....... Look at my arm....I've ploughed ditches... and ain’t I a woman?" . It was so cool and so surprising to get that level of performance from an 11 year old girl. She sings like an angel, and is talented in so many ways. But despite all of this, the best thing about this young lady is that she has a relationship with Jesus that is evident in both word and deed. On Monday she stopped me in the hall to say, "I know that you have been working very hard so that we can have a nice play.....I want you to know that I appreciate all that you do and I'm praying for you.". It was such a wonderful thing to see her faith in action and I really cannot tell you how blessed I was. I work in a public school and as a result, I don't always get to share with my students what the Lord has done for me. Once in a while, they will make a comment or ask a question about their own faith in Jesus, or they sometimes simply ask me what I think. In those cases I am always able to answer honestly without hesitation or worry. However, it was truly a breath of fresh air to be on the receiving end of the obedience to the Holy Spirit of one of my students. That conversation with her, not only made my day last week, but it has served as a reminder to me to pray for her and her family.  The Lord uses each of us, those of us going through difficult times, those with much to overcome, those who can only manage to do some things right and of course those us who are eleven or 99. Have a great day!!

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