Monday, October 13, 2008

Blog Reruns Episode 16 - Burnt hair and other morning mishaps and convictions

June 26, 2006 - Monday

Current mood: distressed


For 25 stinking years I have had minimal hair issues. I'm not saying that I've had all great hair all the time. (I mean one time in high school I did get a roll brush caught in my hair and the pastor’s wife called MHMR to help me out......that's another story) I've had my share of bad haircuts and bad perms and all of that. But for the past few years my hair has settled into a nice pattern of predictability that I found rather comforting. I have found for instance that my hair looks nicer long than it does short. I've found that my hair looks better with highlights than without. My hair looks nicer when I blow-dry it instead of letting it air dry. So OK - the past few months my hair has looked particularly nice because it had gotten rather long - it was layered but not radically so - I was having some good hair months. About a month ago I went in for a trim and walked out of the salon looking weedwhacked. So already my hair ego has been a little bruised


Today I was running late. I had to blow dry my hair because after I got out of my meeting this morning I was scheduled to sing at a funeral this afternoon. So I was taking the time to dry my hair although I really didn't have the time. There is something very soothing about blind routine. I was going through the motions and when I pulled my brush away from my head I noticed that there was a HUGE chunk of smoldering hair in my brush and all of a sudden I smelled BURNING HAIR. Let me just say that burning hair STINKS really bad. So I'm certain that I have a bald spot - or at least a portion of hair that is significantly shorter than the hairdresser intended. The problem is that since I got my hair weedwhacked - I can't find the place. AND every time I turn my head I now smell burning hair.


If ever there was an opportunity for the Lord to convict me of my pride!!! Oh - my goodness I had not realized how much pride was wrapped up in my hair until it was scorched. (Pride does come before the fall). Please Lord, help me not to care so much about my hair. Please Lord let the bald spot not show......

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