Monday, October 13, 2008

Blog Reruns Episode 12 - The party's over....or is it

March 29, 2006 - Wednesday

Current mood: happy

Last night was the final of 3 (Thank the Lord) performance of my 5th grade musical. My students were WONDERFUL! The audience cried and that made them all very happy. Even my student who fell off the back of the risers last night, hopped back on and kept singing. Overall it was a night to remember.
My room is remembering.... All of those sweaty children wearing all of my nice costumes including some made out of upholstery fabric in a cafeteria that had conveniently forgotten to air condition itself this week.
Yes- I opened the door to my classroom this morning and knew immediately that the music room will never forget about THIS program. But then, my kids will never forget this program either and that really is the whole point. Most of them will never get on a stage to perform or put on a costume ever again in their lifetime so for them this little memory of elementary school will have to last. A few of them may perform some other time on some other stage, maybe even one with proper lighting, that would be nice. When that day comes, some other place will remember, the stench will just be stronger.

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