Monday, October 13, 2008

Blog Reruns Episode 2 - Burrowing into peace

February 22, 2006 – Wednesday

In Houston we are just recovering from the one and only cold snap of the year. Today was not cold, and not hot it was just plain yucky. However, for the 3 days last week that were 40 degrees or less it was so wonderful to get out my fleece blanket and flannel pajamas and snuggle down with a book. It has been so nice for the past couple of days to slow down a little. My life is very busy (whose isn't?) However, my heart needed to be still. I had forgotten what it was like to simply accept the peace the Lord so graciously gives each day. I've been having a great time the past several days just snuggling down into the warmth of that holy peace. I'm still busy, but sustained. This is definitely the life!!!!

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