Monday, October 13, 2008

Blog Reruns Episode 5 - Procrastination....a way of life... not for the faint of heart

March 8, 2006 – Wednesday

Current mood: contemplative

Category: Life

I think I've actually brought a new level of artistry to my ability to procrastinate. I have 20 something costumes staring me in the face and I have not touched them in 4 days. I'm REALLY enjoying my spring break, but there is a price to pay and I'm already beginning to pay it. My grandmother is in the hospital and she REALLY needs someone to sit with her, and I am the only one not at work this week, but I can't help my grandma as much as I would like because I haven't done my work when I had the time. This simply falls under the category of things I wish I had done differently but can't because I can't undo the past 4 days of nothing but fun. Oh well.... All I've got is today.... I guess this is where I realize that I need to live today and not bank on time that I hope to have tomorrow. Time is a lot like credit cards, you should just spend what you have in your wallet. So I'm off to the hospital

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