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Blog Reruns Episode 14 - Friday spells relief

April 7, 2006 - Friday

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Oh my goodness! - because this week contained crying in front of my boss (something I vowed I would never do) and having to run out and move my car before it got plowed by the huge truck in the parking lot - I'm REALLY glad that it is Friday.
Summer is for everyone. I really believe that if it weren't for summer there would be a lot fewer students in school. Without summer - some of my students would not live to see their next birthday. Between bickering with other students, growing pains, and too much time together, and over tired teachers with short fuses, summer is the only reason why boys and girls learn anything.
Today one of my 5th graders whom I happen to really like decided to punch another student in the stomach while he passed by, just for fun. As it happened the boy he chose to pick on was small, speaks little English and is a really great kid. ALL of the victim's classmates jumped up to come to his defense and I was about 1/2 a second from WWIII in my classroom. I finally ended the stand off by dismissing the offensive student from class (of course this was accomplished by simply yelling "OUT" over and over until he obeyed. He sulked to the door and had to stand outside in front of my window where I could see him. - But things were never the same, the entire lesson was ruined. Plus I didn't have much voice to spare this morning anyway and I HATE yelling at my kids and I hardly ever have to because I've got the best kids in the world.
All of that to say- I'm glad today is Friday so that I can think about something else for a little while. I'm also thankful that this Friday brings us one day closer to summer.

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