Monday, October 13, 2008

Blog Reruns Episode 8 - Happy Happy

March 19, 2006 – Sunday

Current mood: pleased

Every kid in the 5th grade now has something to wear!!!!! I may still have to sew a couple of aprons and several collars, but all my kiddies will have a costume to put on that was especially made for them. I'm THRILLED to be done. The best part about preparing all of these costumes for these children is that it allows me a time to really focus on an individual student. I have soooooo many kids and even among my 5th graders there are students that I get their name wrong too often. But as I have cut out or sewn a costume for each kid, I have been able to really see them and more importantly I've been burdened to pray for them. Please pray for my Christy. She is hurting and she doesn't have anyone to talk to. She used to smile and now she never does.
I can honestly say that if I never sew another costume it will be too soon, but, I've found myself already longing for and hoping that the Lord will show me a way to set aside time to pray for my other students even if I have to sew a costume for every student I have. I very selfishly want the joy that it has brought me to pray for them in such a way.
I'm so easily distracted by anything and everything. This experience was quite literally like walking through mud. I simply had to trudge through it. I couldn't get around or over the mountain of work that I had built for myself. However, in the midst of such mind freeing (some would say numbing) work I found a sweet place in which I want to stay for a while. Maybe I can make intercession more of a habit if I just sew everybody a costume. If you get a mysteriously random costume in the mail, you'll know it was because I had to pray for you.

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